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Press Release Services

Our Comprehensive Press Release Distribution Services

At NxtGen Marketing, we go beyond mere writing; we strategically craft and distribute your press release, aligning seamlessly with your branding and business goals as part of our press release distribution service. Our expert team ensures that your message is not only heard but resonates deeply with your target audience. Leveraging our extensive network of major media outlets, including prestigious networks like the Associated Press and platforms like Google News, we guarantee comprehensive coverage and visibility, turning your key messages into news stories that command attention.

Our team of experienced writers specializes in creating press releases that not only inform but engage. We work closely with you to ensure that every release reflects your brand’s voice and core message, tailored to capture the essence of your news. Whether launching a product, announcing an event, or sharing company news, our content is crafted to make an impact.

Utilizing the best press release distribution and comprehensive distribution service, with access to an extensive network of over 1000+ media sites, including local, national, and global outlets, your press release is guaranteed to reach a wide and relevant audience. We emphasize the importance of distributing press releases through a carefully selected network of media sites, leveraging our media database to target relevant media contacts efficiently. This strategic distribution aims to maximize press coverage by reaching out to journalists and media outlets that are most relevant to your industry. We strategically select platforms that align with your market and audience demographics, maximizing exposure and engagement. Our press release distribution services ensure your story gains wide exposure, reaching your intended audience effectively, and enhancing your brand’s visibility and search engine performance.

After distribution, we provide comprehensive analytics and reports that detail the reach and impact of your press release. You’ll receive insights into viewership, media pickups, and the geographical spread of your news, allowing you to measure the success of your campaign and plan future communications effectively.

Our service doesn’t end with distribution. We offer continuous support and consultation to refine your media strategy based on the performance of your press releases. This iterative process ensures that your communications are continually optimized for the best possible results.

Get Your Brand, Business or Product Recognized

Get Featured on Yahoo Finance, Fox, CBS, ABC and Other High-Authority Websites

Leverage our comprehensive network of high-authority media reach to effectively distribute your press release. Our service ensures your content reaches Yahoo Finance, Fox, CBS, ABC, Associated Press and other prestigious platforms. We manage the entire submission process, meticulously following the necessary guidelines to boost the likelihood of your story being featured.

Reasons To Partner With Us

Why Choose NxtGen for Your Press Release Needs?

Enhanced Visibility and Brand Awareness

By distributing your press releases through our wide network, your brand gains significant exposure, connecting with key media outlets and audiences across various sectors. This enhanced visibility fosters brand recognition and can establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, crafting the best press release for your needs. Our press release service is specifically designed to enhance visibility and brand awareness effectively, ensuring that your message reaches its intended audience with maximum impact.

Targeted Impact

We ensure that your press release reaches not just any audience, but the right audience. Our targeted distribution focuses on media outlets that align with your industry and customer base, which increases the relevance and impact of your message, driving meaningful engagement. Our services distribute press releases strategically to maximize your reach and impact.

Boosted SEO Benefits

Each press release is optimized for search engines, helping to improve your website’s SEO by generating high-quality backlinks from reputable media sources. This not only increases your site’s authority but also enhances your overall online visibility and search engine rankings. Our press release writing services are designed to provide these SEO advantages, ensuring your content is both compelling and search engine friendly. By formatting press releases effectively and employing strategic press release strategies, we optimize your content for search engines, further boosting your SEO benefits.

Crisis Management

In times of crisis, a well-timed and well-crafted press release can be vital in managing your public image. Our team is equipped to handle rapid responses with discretion and professionalism, ensuring that your narrative remains favorable and that you retain control over your brand’s message.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Compared to other marketing strategies, press releases offer a cost-effective solution to gain widespread media coverage. Our packages are designed to provide maximum value, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our services without exceeding their marketing budget.

Ready to Make Headlines? Start Your Journey with NxtGen Today

Your story deserves to be told. And not just told, but heard—by the right people, in the right places, at the right time. NxtGen Marketing is committed to transforming your news into noteworthy events, ensuring your voice reaches and resonates with your target audience.

Why Press Release Services For Small Businesses

Understanding the Power of Press Releases in Today’s Media Landscape

Press releases are a cornerstone of effective communication strategies, serving multiple pivotal roles in brand marketing and public relations:

Press releases get your message in front of an audience that has been cultivated over many years by each publication, giving you immediate access to their readership which can lead to quick increases in brand recognition. This includes the opportunity to be featured in major news outlets, ensuring your press releases reach a prestigious platform and audience.

By appearing in reputable news sources and industry-specific publications, press releases lend your brand a degree of credibility that is hard to achieve through other marketing mediums. This is especially valuable for emerging businesses looking to establish themselves in competitive markets. Additionally, leveraging targeted media contacts can further enhance your brand's authority by ensuring your news reaches the most relevant journalists and influencers.

A well-timed press release can significantly boost your other marketing efforts, serving as a launchpad for social media campaigns, SEO rankings, and public engagements. They ensure consistent messaging across all channels, amplifying your key messages.

With the digital transformation of the media landscape, press releases now reach far beyond traditional print media. They are picked up by digital news outlets, blogs, and social platforms, providing broad coverage that is accessible to a global audience instantly. The distribution of your news release through these channels ensures that your content benefits from digital distribution's efficiency and reach.

Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, fashion, or any other sector, press releases are adaptable to any industry. They can announce a range of news items from product launches, company milestones, partnerships, awards, or event promotions, making them a versatile tool in your PR toolkit.

Get Started

Get Started with NxtGen’s Press Release Services

Taking the first step towards amplifying your brand with NxtGen is straightforward and designed to align with your specific business needs:


Choose Your Package

Begin by selecting one of our tailored press release packages. Each package is designed to cater to different needs, from basic announcements to comprehensive media campaigns, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business scale and budget.


Brief Your Story

Once you choose a package, you’ll provide us with details about the news you wish to announce. Our team will collaborate with you to fully understand the nuances of your story and the key messages you want to convey, ensuring the final press release aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and objectives.


Review and Approve

After crafting your press release, we’ll send you a draft for review. You’ll have the opportunity to make edits and give final approval, ensuring every detail meets your expectations before anything goes live.


Watch Your Story Go Live

With your approval, we’ll distribute your press release across our extensive network of media outlets. You’ll receive notifications as your release is published, and we’ll follow up with a detailed report showing where it was picked up, the reach it achieved, and the impact it made.


Continuous Support

Our engagement doesn’t end after distribution. We offer ongoing support and advice to help you maximize the impact of your press release and refine future communications based on performance metrics.

Schedule a consultation to explore how our press release services can benefit your specific situation

Don’t wait to make an impact. Contact us today and let us help you craft a press release that captures attention, delivers your message, and drives results.


Step 1: Understand the Benefits

Begin by understanding the significant impact of being featured on Yahoo Finance. This platform is a top destination for financial news and provides substantial visibility. Featuring on Yahoo Finance not only enhances your brand's credibility but also places your business in front of a vast audience of financial professionals and potential investors. This exposure can be leveraged in your marketing materials, proudly displaying 'As Seen on Yahoo Finance' to build trust and authority in your market.

Step 2: Crafting a Newsworthy Press Release

Collaborate with our team to craft a press release that is newsworthy and aligns with the interests of Yahoo Finance readers. This involves highlighting key business achievements, financial milestones, innovative products, or significant corporate announcements. The content must be engaging, factual, and well-optimized for both search engines and news outlets.

Step 3: Strategic Distribution

Utilize our extensive network of media contacts to strategically distribute your press release. We ensure it reaches the editors at Yahoo Finance and other relevant financial news platforms. Our service handles the submission process, adhering to any specific guidelines required by Yahoo Finance to increase the chances of your story being picked up.

Step 4: Monitoring and Reporting

Once distributed, we monitor the uptake of your press release across various channels, including Yahoo Finance. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing where your press release has been featured, the reach it has achieved, and the overall impact of the coverage.

Step 5: Leverage Your Coverage

With successful coverage on Yahoo Finance, we guide you on how to leverage this in your marketing strategy. This includes using 'As Seen on Yahoo Finance' badges on your website and marketing materials to enhance credibility and attract further business opportunities.

Step 6: Ongoing Support and Strategy Adjustment

Based on the outcomes and insights gained from the campaign, we provide ongoing support and strategic advice for future press releases. This ensures continuous improvement in your media outreach efforts, keeping your business relevant and prominently featured in key news outlets.

Our customers are often featured on Associated Press, Google News, Bing News and Yahoo News.

The entire process typically takes between 1 to 4 days from the initial briefing to the distribution of the press release, depending on the urgency and client feedback.

Clients can specify preferences for media outlets or regions for their press release distribution. We tailor the distribution to align with your target audience and business goals. However, the media ultimately decides what they want to pick up and what they don't. With our distribution services, when Globe or EIN approves your release, you're guaranteed publication on that family of media sites, and thousands of other news sources will have access to it. 

We optimize press releases using keyword-rich content, strategic anchor text for backlinks, and metadata that enhances visibility to search engines and audiences alike.

We can provide examples of successful campaigns upon request during your consultation.

We offer expedited services for urgent or crisis-related releases to ensure timely and effective communication under tight deadlines.

Post-distribution, we provide a detailed report covering media pickups, audience reach, engagement metrics, and the overall impact to help you measure the ROI of the press release.

Our packages are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your campaign, whether you require extensive reach or targeted distribution.

We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to safeguard sensitive information throughout the process of drafting and distributing your press release.

We offer follow-up support to address media feedback, assist with additional publicity efforts, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.