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Receive a detailed SEO score and breakdowns for crucial categories like meta-information and page quality with our website health checker free service. With a clear, prioritized list of SEO improvements, you’ll know exactly where to start for fast and noticeable results.

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Free Website SEO Checker

What Does The Free SEO Audit Tool Measure?

Try our complimentary SEO Audit tool to assess your website's SEO effectiveness. In a matter of minutes, it delivers essential insights that can assist you in enhancing your site.

Comprehensive SEO Audits

An SEO audit involves a thorough assessment of a website's performance in natural search results. The main goal of an SEO audit is to pinpoint areas that can be enhanced to boost search engine ranking and visibility.

Social Media Audits

A social media audit provides a comprehensive overview of your business's performance across different platforms, identifies growth opportunities, and suggests improvements to enhance your social media presence. Conducting regular social media audits is crucial for maximizing the potential of this vital marketing tool and ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital landscape.

Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO involves optimizing a website for Google search to achieve better rankings in the SERPs. A technical SEO audit entails a comprehensive examination of a website's technical elements, including its architecture, tags, and code, aiming to enhance its performance in search engine results.

UI/UX Audits

To understand how users interact with your website, it's essential to monitor their clicks, navigation, and other engagements on your site. This information can be leveraged to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing your UI/UX design to boost conversions.

Content Audits

Google utilizes a range of quality indicators to assess the quality of online content. Familiarizing yourself with these indicators can help you ensure that your content meets the required standards and remains relevant to your audience. These indicators comprise topical comprehensiveness, word length, relevance, and aspects of page experience.

Structured Data Audits

Structured data refers to information that has been systematically organized on a website. This organized data is easily comprehensible for search engines, potentially boosting your website's search result rankings.

Free Website SEO Checker

The SEO Audit Report for Your Website Will Contain

Our comprehensive website audit report grades your website based on the strength of various SEO factors such as on-page optimization, off-page links, social media, and more. 


Summary of SEO Audit Report

This will provide you with valuable insights into the strengths of your website and help you identify areas that require attention for forthcoming assessments. This section offers a summary of the website's SEO performance. Here, you can view the page title, description, URL, and thumbnail, which will offer a comprehensive overview of the website's SEO status using our SEO audit tools free SEO report.

On-Page SEO Audit Report

Discover the benefits of conducting an on-page SEO audit to elevate your website's search engine ranking, attract more traffic, and enhance visitor conversion rates. On-page SEO holds the potential to draw numerous new visitors and customers to your site.


Technical SEO Audit Report

A crucial step for website owners and developers is to perform a technical SEO audit to ensure their website aligns with optimization best practices. The audit report is instrumental in identifying various technical SEO issues, enabling the implementation of solutions to enhance the website’s ranking potential.

Backlink Audit Report

Our backlink audit is an essential and crucial component in evaluating and assessing the quality, relevance, and overall effectiveness of the backlinks pointing to your website. This comprehensive analysis helps to determine the impact and influence these backlinks have on your website's search engine rankings and visibility.


Website Performance Audit Report

NxtGen Marketing's performance audit tool includes page speed tests, compressions, page download size, etc. It is is essential to ensure a good user experience, and reduced bounce rates (which can also indirectly affect your search engine rankings). Continue to monitor your performance over time to ensure there are no periodic fluctuations.

Local SEO Audit Report

Our SEO Audit tool is fully equipped to conduct a local SEO audit. It, checks and assesses various metrics including your Local Business Schema tag, Google Business connections and reviews, etc. With its thorough analysis, our tool provides valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing your website's SEO strategy.



What does the free website audit include?

The audit, a comprehensive website health checker, assesses metrics, including on-page SEO elements, backlink quality, usability, and website performance.

Our free SEO audit tool completes the audit in just a few minutes, ensuring a swift analysis of your website's health.

Yes, the report is 100% free, with no requirements for service purchases, third-party service agreements, or charges.  

Our free website audit and website health checker is a tool to help you find out which NxtGen marketing services may be best for your business.

But feel free to use it as a north star for your do-it-yourself SEO.

The audit report will provide actionable insights. You can either implement these changes yourself or opt for our specialized services to make the improvements for you.

After you get your free website audit report, follow-up support or consultation can be arranged to implement the recommendations effectively.

For maintaining optimal website health, it's recommended to repeat the audit monthly, using our SEO audit report online free tool.

The backlink audit, an integral part of our SEO audit tools free SEO report, evaluates source authority and relevance to categorize links.

Upon identifying vulnerabilities in the website health checker free audit, steps include patching vulnerabilities and updating security protocols.

Our tool provides a free SEO audit report in PDF format. This no-cost audit gives an in-depth review of your website's SEO in an easy-to-use PDF, highlighting critical areas for improvement.

Yes, the tool is consistently updated to reflect the latest practices, ensuring your free SEO audit report is always based on current standards.

No catch. Our free audit is designed to provide value and actionable insights, and we hope you’ll consider our services for any follow-up work you might need.

While the free online SEO audit report offers a thorough overview, our paid services delve deeper into customized analyses and strategies.

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