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NxtGen Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive and affordable SEO services in Scarborough. Whether you’re a small business that’s just started to gain its online footing or a startup looking to scale your online presence, our affordable SEO services enable you to get up and running quickly – with no upfront set-up costs or lengthy contracts.

SEO company Scarborough
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Offering a Full Suite of SEO Services in Scarborough

Start your SEO journey with a free website SEO audit from our team of experts. We'll identify gaps in your strategy and begin optimizing a core website and off-page elements to boost your ranking and drive a steady stream of marketing-qualified traffic.

Our Approach

How Can We Improve Your SEO?


Optimize On-page & Off-Page SEO

On-Page: Our on-page efforts aim to optimize your content for search and address site performance elements to improve the user experience. This includes technical features like site speed and structure, linking, URL structure, etc.

Off-Page: Off-page SEO refers to everything that occurs away from your site but will still impact your site's authority. Elements like backlinking, social media, citations and any external marketing efforts will be improved to bolster your online presence.


Build Online Authority

Google My Business (GMB): An updated GMB is imperative for maintaining a stellar online reputation. It allows for increased visibility of essential business information like NAP and customer reviews while legitimizing your business in the eyes of your prospects and Google. 

Content Creation & Strategy: Our team of SEO content writers will create engaging, unique content that incorporates everything from industry thought leader topics and top- and bottom-of-the-funnel content to trending search terms.


Keyword Optimization

Keyword Research: We leverage industry-leading keyword research tools to generate a tailored keyword strategy that narrowly targets your audience at each stage of their buying journey.


Local Keyword Strategy: For small businesses in the Scarborough area, local keyword strategy helps prospects nearby easily find your business, increasing your chances for conversions and helping to build a steady and loyal customer base.

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